Beere Group

Established 2002, Beere Electrical Services Limited (Branded as Beere Group) is a NICEIC, CQMS, CHAS and SMAS Worksafe approved contractor providing specialist isolation, groundworks and site temporary services to the redevelopment and demolition industries.

Multi-Service Isolations

With 19+ years' experience, 1000+ sites isolated to date and an exemplary safety record, we are the premier multi-service (Electric, Gas, Water, Telecoms) isolation experts in the UK having dealt with sites ranging from hotels, hospitals, through to chemical works and military sites.

Specialist Groundworks

Headed up by specialist groundworks site managers, our teams specialise in the identification, tracing and excavation of live services.

Hazardous Environments

We provide complete isolation services while working in multiple hazardous situations from fire damaged unsafe structures through to asbestos, lead and chemical contaminated environments.

Site Temporaries

We offer a full range of site temp services from building supplies through to emergency lighting and welfare installations, along with relevant testing and certification.

Accident Investigation

Our experience and reputation, in respect to the isolation of electrical systems, means we are occasionally requested to independently investigate accidents which have occurred when electrical systems have not been isolated, or installed correctly on sites.


19+ years' experience decommissioning hotels to military sites to hospitals, our consultancy team can offer accurate assessment of sites services and provide the most effective methodology for decommissioning.