Specialist Groundworks

Headed up by specialist site managers, our groundworks teams specialise in the identification, tracing and excavation within high risk environments involving underground live services.


Redrow Homes
Preston Hall

Investigation and Isolation of services including spiking of cables and capping of gas and water pipes.

Cala Homes
St Peter's Hospital

Investigation of live services and appropriate disconnection and re-direction works.

Berkeley Homes
Hartland Village

Identification, tracing and isolation of live water, electrical and gas services.


Unknown cables and pipes are found on nearly all sites and the status of these must be identified. Many demolition and groundworks contractors have sensible generic policies stating that they should avoid, or are unable to work near live, or treat as live services.

Any service found in the ground must be assumed as live pending testing or other methods of proving.

We have the necessary insurances, experience, equipment and skillsets to identify, trace, test and where possible isolate or divert these services, therefore enabling you to continue to provide your operatives with a safe working environment.

Our groundworks teams specialise in the location and physical identification of services type(s), location(s), depth(s) direction(s) and status ( dead or Live) including, but not limited to, Electric, Gas, Water and Telecoms.

We can provide a range of options from hand dig, machine assisted hand dig, and full on vacuum excavations.

We can support you in identifying everything from a random service located in the middle of your construction site to identifying depth and direction and marking physically the services when close proximity works are required.

Your teams are experts at excavation, but exposing the services in a safe and controlled manner to establish status, or to pinpoint the actual location, requires a specialist and experienced team.

Excavating anywhere near live services is potentially dangerous and requires, not only specialist knowledge and skillsets, but it is always worth having appropriate insurances to carry out the works.

There are very few exceptions generally as the services that are very high risk such as cables at or above 11,000V, most gas pipes and all fuel lines, tend to be well documented.

If the services are not documented then we assume a live status until we can prove otherwise.

If the services are documented and depth and direction is required then we liaise with the services contact teams and agree methodology.