Hazardous Environments

Experienced in isolating services, in often unique and challenging scenarios, our teams are trained to carryout isolation works within a range of dangerous environments from asbestos and chemical contaminated, confined spaces, works at height, fire damaged structures or a combination of all of these.


Walthamstow Mall

Following a fire in the Mall, we carried out electrical isolation works to enable the safe working of onsite operatives. This included liaison with local council representatives to ensure works were carried out to their requirements, as well as the clients.

Cala Homes
St Peter's Hospital

Involved surveying and Identification of services within asbestos contaminated service tunnels. We worked alongside onsite asbestos teams to ensure their safety, from immediate risk of live services, while they carried out asbestos surveying.

University of Bath

As part of the works to clear asbestos from the original buildings, we carried out pre-asbestos electrical isolations, verifying those services which could only be accessed within the confines and control measures of asbestos enclosures.


We have extensive experience of dealing with multiple hazardous scenarios, whether you've just found a suspected live service within an asbestos enclosure, or your reacting to the electrical challenges within a fire damaged dangerous structure.

Alongside blind entry into buildings, our teams are trained to enter a range of dangerous environments from asbestos and chemical contaminated, confined spaces, works at height, fire or environment damaged structures and in many cases a combination of all of these.

Our primary objectives are to safely enable the isolation of services to permit specialist teams to function safely.

We follow these works up by installing safe temporary electrical solutions such as lights and power to assist anyone from the police and fire teams to the scaffolders, asbestos and demolition teams to progress with their respective duties in safety.

In all instances our teams attend under the control of a qualified and experienced SMSTS site manager.

To date we have not had any scenarios that phase the teams and having the training and experience allows us to draw down from a raft of previous works to enable the safest methodology to enable the isolation or making safe of your site areas.

A calm and controlled approach to all hazardous works enables us to deliver effective solution ideas and turn these into functioning operating plans.

From acting as onsite network liaison providing isolation verification for teams making safe, through to reactive attendance issuing respective RAMS, testing and certifications - We're there to help you progress works as fast, and as safely, as possible.