Multi-Service Isolations

With 19+ years' experience, 1000+ sites isolated to date and an exemplary safety record, we are the premier isolation experts in the UK having dealt with sites ranging from hotels, shops, schools, hospitals, chemical works, former national grid sites, NHS trust sites through to former military bases.

Our highly trained and qualified teams specialise in preparing sites for redevelopment or demolition, through full or part isolation of services (electric, water, gas, telecoms), which in turn creates safer environments for your site personnel to work in.


Cala Homes
St Peter's Hospital Botley Park

Isolation of multiple services (Electrical, Gas, Water, Telecoms, Security) across multiple buildings, including asbestos contaminated service tunnels.

General Demolition
26 St James Square

Isolation of electrical services across 9 floors of the building while retaining supplies to lifts and welfare facilities.

Berkeley Homes
Trent Park University

Sweep and clear of multiple university buildings to identify, remove, reduce and protect services.

General Demolition
Hays Galleria

Isolation of electrical services across 8 floors whilst retaining supplies to landlord services including lighting external to the building.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidance that 'Gas, electricity, water and telecommunications services need to be isolated or disconnected before demolition work begins. If this is not possible, pipes and cables must be labelled clearly, to make sure they are not disturbed."

Alongside this its actually law that all demolition, dismantling and structural alteration must be carefully planned and carried out in a way that prevents danger and is instigated by practitioners with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience.

Unfortunately, the removal of meters doesn't necessarily mean the service is dead.

The meter operators and the network providers are two very different companies.

We've had many instances where live supplies have been found on sites that have been deemed as isolated.

It is critical that not only are the sites isolated but the points of isolation are known and that certification is issued. We verify the sites prove the dead services and liaise with the networks should we find live services.

'Remove, Reduce, Protect' - Is our ethos in respect to isolating and preparing sites for demolition. This involves making safe individual rooms or floors in buildings, whole buildings or extensive sites, to enable soft strip, and asbestos works to commence with demolition following after.

We can successfully identify and isolate services including, but not limited to:

  • Electrical (up to 33,000v on private networks)
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telecom
  • IT
  • AC
  • CATV
  • CCTV
  • Alarms Systems
  • Air Conditioning-Degassing
  • In addition we can carryout removal of fluorescent tube tubes, batteries and fire heads containing radiation

Whilst we deal directly with the electricity and cabled services elements, we contract in the other services contractors who have the specific qualifications and experience to deal with remaining services.

Having been in the industry for 18+ years we are respected for our experience, knowledge, quality of service, safety record and the can do and will attitude we provide to our clients. We are a fully NICEIC, CHAS, CQMS and SMAS accredited contractor with our team extensively trained, qualified and equipped to consistently deliver a high standard of service to you.

Our team comes armed with the knowledge and experience you can only really gain from conducting decommissioning projects in varied environments from hotels, shops, schools, hospitals, chemical works, asbestos contaminated environments, former national grid sites, former and current NHS sites through to former military areas.

It's this high level of experience that has meant we have worked with many key players in the demolition and redevelopment industries, with our customers coming back to use us again and again.

With an exemplary safety record, Health and safety is embedded within our company culture. It permeates everything we do from the training of our staff through to the solutions and services we provide.

Cleared Sites for Full Demolition

These projects include the full site isolation of all cabled services including power, BT and other communication and network companies equipment:

  • St Peters Hospital, Chertsey
  • St Ebbas Hospital, Epsom
  • Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton
  • Meanee Barracks, Colchester
  • Hyderabad Barracks, Colchester
  • Goojerat Barracks, Colchester
  • Roman Barracks Colchester
  • Teardrop Site, Woolwich Arsenal
  • 3M Building, Bracknell
  • Spring Gardens, Romford
  • Block 1 Lethbridge Estate Lewisham
  • Abridge Estate, Barking
  • Phase 1, Kidbrooke Estate
  • Oaklands College, St Albans
  • 2-48 Cornmill Lane, Lewisham
  • Old Government Buildings, Guildford Road, Woking
  • Bishop Ramsey School, Ruislip
  • 6 industrial units, Blackthorne Crescent, Poyle
  • Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, High Wycombe
  • Rentokil, East Grinstead
  • Hewlett Packard, Imperial Way, Reading
  • RAF Dawes Hill
Soft Strip / Demolition Preparation

​These projects include isolating for soft stripping / demolition whilst identifying and protecting retained services or equipment such as telephone masts, lifts and pumps.

  • 20 St Mary at Hill, London
  • Kings Reach Tower, London
  • 27-32 Poultry, London
  • Castleford Chemical Works, Leeds
  • 23 Finsbury Square, London
  • 4 Tudor Street, London
  • West Park Hospital, Epsom
  • 3 Finsbury Square, London
  • 10 Finsbury Square, London
  • 20 Chesham Place, London
  • 130 City Road, London
  • Slough Bus Garage, Slough
  • Mreal, Sittingbourne
  • Graylingwell Hospital, Chichester

Projects with attendance times under 10 days have not been included.

We do offer live service head protection enabling a building to be demolished while the head intakes are protected. This service is provided on a case by case basis as its subject to building/site makeup and the type of demolition planned.