Accident Investigation

Our experience and reputation in respect to the isolation of electrical systems, means we are occasionally requested to independently investigate accidents which have occurred when electrical systems have not been isolated, or installed correctly by others.


When bought in to investigate an incident we work with clients Health and Safety representatives/consultants and legal teams to offer specific electrical advice in relation to the incident.

Liaison with Health and Safety Executive investigators is not uncommon as part of this process.

The aim is to provide a detailed report identifying the scope of the works, works undertaken in relation to scope, departures from the scope, failures in acceptable ACOP for the accident, cause or suspected cause of the injury, any failings by third parties to protect personnel.

As soon as you realise that you have had an incident, whether that consists of a fatality or any type of recordable injury involving electrical systems on site.

We can investigate all areas within demolition/redevelopment construction and asbestos environments including asbestos enclosures.